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Our aim is to provide quality courses on a range of canine related topics, that are suitable for dog lovers and enthusiasts as well as for dog trainers and dog geeks.

All delivered by a qualified  and experienced dog trainer and  behaviour advisor who is a qualified teacher experienced in delivering Distance Learning, 

Your instructor is an experienced clicker trainer of over 25 years experience and specialises in dogs with over arousal and frustration issues as well as reactive (dog or people selective dogs) with over 30 year experience of living and working with aggressive dogs (many arriving as fosters on their last chance).

Our course fees are kept low, so that they are affirdable to all. We are all struggling with the cost of living these days and this is our way of giving back by keeping our courses low priced. This doesn't mean that the content of the course is in anyway cheap; we include latet research (including links to academic paoers so that you can do more reearch. Much of the material is filmed using untrained dogs so that you can see the process, warts and all.

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