Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
  • 2
    Training Techniques and Tps
    • Rewards, Reinforcers, Lures and Bribes
  • 3
    T.R.U.S.T. For Aggressive Dogs
    • Aggression: Definitions, Causes and Signs
    • Aggression: Classification of Types
    • Transporting Aggressive Dogs: Some Safety Considerations
    • Approach and Retreat
    • Approach retreat on the fly
    • Barking or growling at visitors
    • Emergency Uturn
    • emergency u turn
    • What to do when you can't avoid a person or person and dog in your path, and an explanation of a mock reprimand (workshop footage)
    • Open Bar closed bar, Mock reprimand and soothing hands - GSD first session with a stooge dog (workshop footage)
    • Second session with the GSD and a different stooge dog (workshop footage)
    • Approach and retreat/Lead stroking - dog reactive Bichon who is also shy around people (workshop footage)
    • Look At That with People and Dogs (workshop footage)
    • Look At That and Parallel walking (workshop footage)
    • Look At That with a different stooge dog and processing to off lead interactions (workshop footage)
    • Gunner 1 - Open bar closed bar, emergency U-turn (workshop footage)
    • Gunner 2 - second session with a different stooge dog (workshop footage)
  • 4
    Research Inspired Topics
    • Sneezing as a Calming Signal
    • Research Inspired Topics