Enjoy your dog walks

with a dog that doesn't pull

What we all want is a dog that walks nicely on the lead, without pulling our arm out.

This course will teach you how to teach your dog to achieve that goal, making walks so much more enjoyable for you both.

From foundations taught at home, to building in complexity and taking it all on the road. All demonstrated with a dog that is going through the process from scratch. Each step is delivered by a short video lesson supported with notes for you to download.

This is a pilot course (hence the price).


  • Pauline Jackson

    Canine Tutor

    Pauline Jackson

    I am a fully qualified dog trainer and canine behaviour advisor with over 30 years of experience and almost 20 years experience of clicker training. The course is fun, develops your problem solving skills as well as developing a calm focused, motivated dog. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and experience of teaching Face2Face and Distance learning on a variety of programmes up to degree level. I developed the first BSc in Canine Behaviour and Training as well as a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training.I currently run an academic support business as well as delivering innovative workshops all over the UK.